Beauty in strength.  That's the cornerstone of all of JAMIE HEARD's designs.  And strength can be found in Nature, Industry, but - most importantly - in one's self.

Jamie Heard was born and raised in Southern California.  After completing her studies at Harvard College and Michigan Law, Jamie moved to New York where she pursued a career in finance.  While a career on Wall Street would satisfy most, Jamie gave it all up to concentrate on her jewelry.

Such boldness is not limited to her remarkable professional path as Jamie's use of clean yet unexpected geometric patterns indicate a design aesthetic inspired as much by architecture and art as technology and science.


JAMIE HEARD's designs transcend gender - women wear cufflinks; men wear rings - which is why all pieces are available in sizes that will suit women and men.  The purpose of each design is to evoke a feeling of power for the wearer and customers often flex their hands when trying on the rings for this very reason.  Designer Jamie Heard believes the pieces are better described as wearable art than jewelry as each piece is remarkable on its own and then takes on another facet of interest when worn.  

Each collection has a name depicting an example of strength and power in Nature or Industry.  There are 8 different collections in various stages of production; 4 of which are complete and currently available for purchase.

Jamie Heard's pieces are usually made of silver but are available in gold and platinum upon request.